Kaitlin Elizabeth Siperstein


September 3, 1998 to July 26, 1999

A Moment in Time

A ray of light
A bird in flight
With eyes so bright
Like stars at night

A bright shining moon
Or a Fourth of July bloom
Laughter in the room
And a happy tune…

Like a passing train
Splashing rain
A flickering flame
Oh- what pain

She had bracelet wrists
And tiny fists
A turned up nose
And lips that kissed.

With dimples so deep
Set in each chunky cheek
So sound asleep
Not even a peep.

A fleeting moment
All in a day
Full of life
Then swept away.

Life was too short
We were robbed on the way
Why, oh why
Couldn’t our little one stay?

We will always remember
Her sweet, beautiful smile
Her cuddly arms
Her own special style

She gave so much happiness
Our Kaitlin so dear
We will love her forever,
Forever…the year.

by Phyllis Siperstein
(Grandma “Sip”)
August 12, 1999