Jenelle Marae Beltz


November 27, 1992 to March 1, 1993

Jenelle was a beautiful baby whose life was too short. In her three months she touched many people and we miss her every day.

She used to love to lie in her crib and watch her Disney babies mobile spin around and around. She was usually a pretty serious baby but when she saw Minnie and Mickey her eyes would light up, she would have a smile from ear to ear and her left leg would kick like crazy! Jenelle also loved it when her older sister Kayde (then 5) would squeeze her fat little cheeks and talk baby talk to her.

Jenelle was perfectly healthy but died at 3 months of age from S.I.D.S. She left us during a nap at the daycare providers on March 1st, 1993. We miss you Jenelle!