Brady Michael Lee Black


December 19, 2004 to March 31, 2005


I cry for you as the nights go by
All I do is wonder why?
Why did you leave us so soon?
I miss you, my handsome guy.
I miss holding you in my arms.
I miss your smile,
it was such a golden charm.
I miss smelling you, holding you, and
taking our afternoon naps.
How can I get through this is all I ask?
I want to see your lovely smile that would melt my heart so.
Oh Brady, mommy loves you and it will continue to grow.
miss you my precious angel~I will see you once again
For one day I will be by your side and hold you-but until then.
I love you my handsome guy!
I miss you will all my heart!
I will never forget you my precious angel
My love for you will never part!