The San Diego Guild for Infant Survival

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome takes the lives of thousands of children worldwide each year, and more than 150 infants in the state of California. The exact causes of SIDS are unknown, and there is no cure, but it typically affects sleeping babies who are under seven months of age.

Researchers believe that SIDS may be associated with certain developmental abnormalities in the brain, along with other genetic and environmental risk factors. For that reason, there are a number of reduction measures parents can take to decrease the risk of SIDS, but no cure that is 100% effective.

The San Diego Guild for Infant Survival exists to perform three valuable roles related to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:

  1. To provide emotional support for parents and others who have been affected by SIDS
  2. To share reduction measures that can help decrease the risk of SIDS
  3. To provide links and resources to Southern California media and community members about SIDS

To meet these goals, we provide introductions to support groups, produce educational materials, and host a number of events throughout the year to spread awareness of SIDS and practical risk reduction techniques. We are supported mainly by grants and donations from the community, and welcome any support you are able to give to us and the families who come to us for help.